Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Are we all turning into system integrators?

Take a look at this article discussing "The Future of Software Development". It is a nice retrospective view on software development, with some ideas of things to come, which IMHO are about right.
What is interesting, is the importance of libraries, what you probably noticed coding your systems anyway. There are more and more of them in use around us. You can hardly escape (to mention a few from outside of javax.*): Log4J, Hibernate, Spring etc.

Thanks to those libraries we start to play more of the role of integrators. This is great as highlights the fact: integration is necessary and important. It is a green field, where new applications and ideas of how to put them together are growing. But what is even more important, by employing specialized libraries, we can focus on the core of the problem rather then build necessary tooling, information pipe-lining from scratch. Don't you think?

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