Monday, 15 October 2007

Should the architect code?

OMG - not that question again! You can find it here and here and here and in many other places as well...

Well, I have to admit, very often I am inclined to say NO. This answer happens, when I am terribly busy:
I guess, you have noticed the open ended bullet above. The discussions, persuasions, meetings with internal and external parties never end, while in construction or transition.

At the same time, I am a software developer. This is what I have been doing for ages. This is one of the main reasons, why I am in his industry. I simply love to see how software can simplify our lives, provide solutions to our problems and business needs.

My passion for the software, was born when I got with my fist computer - ZX Spectrum Plus. I went on exploring VB, Logo and ended with ZX80 Assembler. Then Delphi, SQL, UML, C++, Java, JavaScript, CAL and many more to come. All of that because I like to code, I like dealing with:
But all of this in balance with the incurred cost, always taking into account the concerns as raised in mythical man month

Thanks to this affection of mine, I draw my diagrams and write specs with more freedom, as hopefully I can:
  • Notice what part of the proposed scope seems too ambitious for the proposed time scale
  • Pick and choose the right third party libraries to be able to focus on the core of the problem
  • Evaluate ideas first hand and find integration issues
  • Shape SLAs to allow enough freedom for future evolution / extensibility
  • Maintain SLAs to the advantage of the business and developers
  • Discuss proposals in depth with the developers
  • Propose new ways of solving the problems, what makes all the geeks within the team tick
I guess, now you know my answer to this question and know why I do constantly experiment with the code.
To avoid empty words, check these few code gadgets , my experiments which are available to the public domain

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