Friday, 23 November 2007

Monads Explained

Check this out! After series of video interviews posted on Channel 9 after the JAOO conference, there is this new video post, in which Dr Brian Beckman explains why we should not fear the Monads...

During his brief lecture, Brian explains the most feared MONAD theory in the friendly way to the imperative programmer.

After my own experience with functional programming, I love this video as it managed to explain the hard saleable, good reasons for adopting functional programming styles. The beauty of implementing generic/meta functionality is something close to my heart. So to be able to see the two worlds closing to each other:
  1. bottom-up: add necessary abstractions on top of the hardware to perform well
  2. top-down: extract abstractions from a mathematical model to make things execute not necessarily in the best performing way
is a real bless. And the point they meet is F# at the moment.

The things to remember is
Tackle complexity through composability
LINQ is monads in action

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