Sunday, 10 February 2008


Quite long time ago it has struck me that the new mantra: Service Oriented Architecture and well established Object Oriented Analysis shared many traits. Both practises as well as many other design techniques flourish on commonality extraction and reuse but there is more to it, as usual...

The question to answer is: Why to have SOA as a new term to allow us talking about the componentization of the software? There is a very good article on SOA Magazine discussing just that. It highlights the commonalities and differences in both approaches. In precise manner shows the fact that SOA expands OOAD by raising it up a layer of abstraction and encapsulation. Therefore this paradigm has the capacity to clearly address touch points between the business and the application of the technology. Capturing business benefits, as defined by OOAD at technological low level and transferring them up for better visibility and to complement other factors at the enterprise level.

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